Bad Arab - الليالى الألف
Bad Arab - الليالى الألف
Mohamed FAQ • / Cairo / my blog is a happy place. This is just a short introduction of myself. Any further questions or you just wanna talk, don't ask me in anything :D feel free to message me.
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name: Mohamed
height: 173 cm
eye colour: Red :p
birthday: Dec 25
favorite colour(s): Red - black - blue - white - brown & green *.*
best school subject(s): Philosophy , History
current shirt colour: Red
day or night: Night
religion: Islam 
gender: la wnby!
orientation: Straight
single or taken: Single
celebrity crush: Nope
coffee or tea: Tea Tea


A crown for a new king who couldn’t be stopped

He was shoved out. He could have dived. He could have taken the foul and slowed the game down. Instead, he stayed on his feet, knowing more than anyone that nothing could stop him. Gareth Bale stepped up, and now there are no doubts. Madrid will remember this one legendary run for years to come. [Art by Kendall Henderson. Words by Eric]

Best night ever

The Rocket  (2013)

❝ يا بخت من زار و خفف
Visit rarely, and you will be more loved. ❞

— arabic proverb (via 1001arabianights)

❝ My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping. ❞

— (via hazelhirao)


نظرت له الأجنبية فأبتسم لها العربى و قال

- أتحبين أن أقص عليك قصة ؟

- أيه قصة ؟

- قصة عن بلاد قديمة

- أية بلاد ؟

- بلاد لم تكن الشمس تغرب عنها

أنها تبتسم .. أبتسامة عذبة على الرغم من كل شىء!

- و ماذا حدث لهذا البلاد ؟

- غربت الشمس عنها !


— (via the-r-world)



Francis Alys - Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing (1997)



people who make you feel better about yourself when you’re sad are so important 

Three years ago Real Madrid won its 18th Copa del Rey thanks to a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in extra time.

- Relive it: match | celebration [1] [2]

❝ You can’t say “I don’t do politics”, because silence is a political statement. ❞

— Tariq Ramadan (via uniteforpalestine)

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